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Sensory Activities for Kids : 1 ingredient edible slime recipe

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Sensory activities are certainly one of our own favorite kids activities. Today I share a concept to create non-toxic, borax-free, 1 ingredient edible slime that is ready in 5 minutes. Click here to access all our sensory activities for youngsters we've got done till day

Are you intrigued, I was too when I first saw simple slime idea here. I also discovered Coffee Cups and Crayons's post on Borax-Free slime with similar ingredients. When I followed the same recipe, among the kids loved it and also the other a lukewarm reply to it.. So I changed the measurements somewhat and redid it. Wow, suddenly this flubbery slime became irresistible. They couldn't stop playing with it.

Materials EDIT: Please note when you need a rainbow slime, obtain a store brand clear supplement with Psyllium. If you simply want regular orange slime, Metamucil will work great. Clear Metamucil doesn't apparently work.

Microwave safe bowl

EDIT: Since I'm finding a large amount of emails with questions, here are a couple commonly asked ones

are able to do this on the stove top as well. I'm copying several comments left by individuals who have successfully succeeded in doing so.

Dianna Y. says: February 16, 2014 at 12:38 pm (Edit) Just made this around the stove top. It worked out great!! Very excited because we do not use a microwave. I also caused it to be organic/green. Thank you so much!! So easy to generate and my daughter is having very exciting playing with it right now!

rubyannasmom@ Submitted on 2014/02/17 at 11:14 am In reply to Dianna Y..

Just made this around the stovetop also and yes it ended up great! Boiled on high for 5 minutes, and used kool-aid to scent and color it. Love this recipe!!!!

2. Whole Psyllium Husks work. Check the above comment. Dianna purchased Psyllium Husks to generate this recipe.

3. The active component about the fiber supplement should be Psyllium

Rebecca RubyAnnasMom@ Submitted on 2014/02/21 at 5:56 am In reply to Sophie.

I used the Walmart generic version- it turned out defined as unflavored rather than clear, but the active ingredient was psyllium. Worked like no bodies business on the stovetop!

I obtained a store brand natural fiber supplement as opposed to the regular orange Metamucil since I planned to color the slime ( We are big on rainbows, remember, All our rainbow activities for youngsters here) Two-Daloo carries a fantastic rainbow sensory activities round up

In a large ( I mean really large) microwave safe bowl add 1 tablespoon of fiber supplement. Add your chosen food color and after that mix in 1 cup of water. Give it an excellent whisk and place inside the microwave for approximately 5 minutes. But do not vanish. The supplement will rise therefore it is crucial to use a large bowl so the concoction won't bubble up and spill over. Check after 3 minutes, whether or not this bubbles over, pause the microwave after which restart it. After 5 minutes you can find this.

or this. You get a cool snake -skin like product. Read the tips towards the bottom of the post

This snake-skin like product stretches- pretty cool!

They are often transferable and oozes from the container.

When you determine it down for play, it is possible to squish it, pinch it, stretch it and stuff like that.

Based about the changes you make inside recipe, it is possible to get a much more flubbery substance or a more gooey substance.

The red one is more flubbery than the rest. The green the first is the stretchiest.

The best part ( for a lot of kids) is that it doesn't adhere to you hands. My child kept transferring her edible slime from hand to a different with no part of it sticking to her hand.

Rainbow tinted slime

Tips, Tricks and Process

1. 1 TBSP of clear fiber supplement. The idea is to get an issue that just isn't colorful like (Metamucil) if you need to do an array of colored slime. If you would just like to create one color, Metamucil will continue to work perfectly. If you are buying store brand provide you with normally the one with Psyllium within it. Some fiber supplements (store brands) have wheat husk included and I don't believe they works.

2. Add food color to the fiber supplement.

3. Add 1 cup of water. Whisk and microwave for 5 minutes. If you are doubling the recipe, start checking after 7 minutes. Sometimes it doesn't take ten mins to have the right consistency.

4. If you add too much water or don't microwave long enough, the slime ultimately ends up like this (still fun!)

This a much more rubbery slime that is NON-STICKY. More fiber supplement, less water provides you with an even more non-sticky flubbery slime. More water and fewer fiber supplement provides you with a more ooey-gooey sticky slime. The choice is yours.

Make sure you use a LARGE bowl as the concoction does bubble up.

It a very good idea to determine the status every 3 minutes and check for the preferred consistency.

Once the slime is done, wait for it to cool down ( a few minutes roughly) It will be HOT in the middle. I used a wooden spoon to stir.

Thanks with.

Hope you enjoyed the post

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Thanks with. What brand of fiber supplement did you have , Metamucil is often a safe bet. The supplement needs psyllium inside it. Psyllium husks are very effective too.

Do you probably know how to conserve it and the way a lot of time,

I think for my first batch it was profitable! I had some leftover fiber capsules from my post-partum phase. They are Target brand psyllium husk - beige powder color. I figured I'd give it a shot using this stuff as it compared the active ingredient to Metamucil. Took a number of minutes to get rid of open the capsules and get the 1 tbsp of powder needed. I followed the instructions above. After about 3 minutes I took a peak at the bowl within the micro and sure enough it had grown but happened to be all puffy and shiny. It still looked somewhat too loose so I place it inside the micro again for about another 1.5 minutes. Forgot to cover I added blue and red food color drops to make it purple. I poured the goo into another bowl for cooling. Seems pretty close to what yours appears like. It sticks just slightly to my fingers so I think I may have needed a tad less water or even one or two more capsules of psyllium. But I'm happy with the results and just how easy it turned out.

Working with my daughter for my child sensory needs based in her being participating in early intervention. Around 15 months old she started pulling her hair, towards the point of almost being bald. We've been told it occurs with some toddlers plus they usually grow out of it. The EI folks have been really helpful using the issue and possess said sensory is often a really great outlet to be with her. I had no idea how important sensory activities are for toddlers. We are trying to work this sort of thing into our daily routine.

Hi Patricia,

If your class includes a microwave I suggest you make the slime there. It takes about 5 minutes to create a batch. If you are so that it is earlier, I would ensure it is your day from the party ( probably morning hours before you carry it to his class) Throw in some googly eyes once and for all measure. Hope the course has fun using this slime.

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