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Flawless Laser Solutions brings you the latest laser technology to give you the best look you deserve. Our various services include Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation Removal, Acne Scar Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Cosmetic Skin Peels, and Skin Needling. Flawless Laser Solutions help .The Flawless facial hair remover by Finishing Touch features a discreet and portable design that promises to quickly and painlessly smooth away unwanted hair, whether you re at home or on the go..Since publishing my review on the Flawless Oil Control Advanced Facial, I ve received quite a few questions from friends and readers on the other services that Flawless offers. The most inquired about was their Laser Hair Removal, a safe and pain free treatment that instantly removes hair on various parts .Reviews of Flawless Laser Center "I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I used to be terrified of getting laser treatments, considering I had a terrible experience at another laser center, but i couldn t handle the ugly painful razor burns anymore. Even when i.

Certified Cosmetic Laser hair removal, Botox, Juvederm center offering services in Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles and surrounding cities of California. Contact us Now!.Ogden Skin Care Center How to get flawless skin with the advancements in permanent laser hair removal technology. Ogden Skin care is best known for our state of the .Find the safest most effective at home laser hair removal machine to suit your needs. Expert reviews on the latest, most cutting edge devices on the market today..NYC Laser Hair Removal Permanent laser hair removal in New York at Advanced Derma Laser, We provide best laser hair removal service in Manhattan NY..

How to Prepare Prior to Getting Laser Hair Removal

Step 1: Let it grow.  After you book your appointment and get the date for your removal session, you need to STOP waxing or plucking. If you remove the hair from the root, there’s nothing for the laser to target. Let the hair grow in so the laser will be able to destroy it completely—leading to more effective hair removal.

Step 2: Don’t tan. Tanning can interfere with your laser hair removal treatment, as it increases melanin in the skin. The laser is designed to target melanin in the hair, but tanned skin can make it harder for the laser to differentiate between skin and hair melanin. Stop using any tanning creams or lotions as well!

Step 3: Shave beforehand. In the day or two (24-48 hours) before the hair removal session, go ahead and shave. The laser doesn’t need visible hairs in order to work, and shaving will reduce the risk of the laser burning your skin. There will be less discomfort if you shave before your appointment.

Step 4: Be careful with medications. Birth control pills, acne medications, hormone treatments, anti-inflammatory medications, and photosensitizing medications can all interfere with the laser hair removal treatment. They can make your skin more sensitive to the light or may even stop the laser from working as effectively. When you go in for your consultation, let the laser hair removal professional know what medications you’re taking. You may not need to stop taking them, but it’s important they know just in case one of the medications interfere with the treatment.

Step 5: Don’t sweat it. Laser hair removal is painless and won’t harm your skin, so don’t be nervous! Trust that the healthcare professional knows what they’re doing.


Who is performing the service?

Hair removal lasers are not point-and-shoot cameras. It’s a technology that can deliver great results when done right but can also cause disasters in the hands of an inexperienced aesthetician. According to Dr. San Luis, before undergoing the procedure, make sure the person who will be performing the treatment knows what he is doing. Ideally, a duly-licensed medical doctor should perform the treatment.

What lasers do you use for hair removal?

Dr. San Luis says, “Knowing what technology clinics are using is perhaps the most crucial thing you need to know before signing up for the treatment.” IPL Machines, which is what most clinics today use, are not lasers. They don’t have the proper power or light waves to efficiently “kill” follicles. For best results, clinic personnel should be able to assure you that they are using genuine laser technology. In addition they should also be able to articulate why a particular laser is the best match for you. Considered as the gold standard in laser hair removal, Light Sheer, as it is called, is a machine that has a patented chill tip that protects the skin from thermal damage. A great feature of this machine is it significantly reduces the pain often associated with hair removal while permanently depleting

hair follicles.

What can laser hair removal realistically do for you?

Lasers can effectively and permanently kill darkly pigmented hair follicles on virtually any area of the body. “Dark and hoarse hair respond best to the treatment for the sole reason that lasers can’t detect blonde, white, and some shades of red hair well enough to kill them, so for those hair types, laser likely isn’t the best option,” Dr. San Luis explains.

How many sessions will I need?

Dr. San Luis says, “The number of sessions an individual will need will vary depending on a number of factors, but the general standard is a minimum of six sessions.” She further explains that certain areas might require more, such as the upper lip or chin.

“Not many people know this, but the number of laser hair sessions we need is affected by our hair’s growth cycles. Our hair growth has three cycles and the stage at which lasers are most effective in killing them is the “anagen” or active growth phase. In addition, not all of your hair is in the same phase at the same time. So as it cycles through the phases you come in for another treatment to tackle another active cycle. Maybe now about 85% of your hair is growing, 10% is about to grow, and 5% is shedding off,” she adds.

A brand that has built its reputation as the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, Flawless is one of the few aesthetic establishments in Asia that offers patients the revolutionary and industry-leading gold standard laser diode technology—Light Sheer. Powered of Skin Professionals, the company requires that only resident doctors are allowed to carry out laser hair treatments.

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